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Favorites Crazy Kind of Love (2013)

Crazy Kind of Love (2013) HD
Crazy Kind of Love (2013)
Year, country:
Sarah Siegel-Magness
Amanda Crew, Virginia Madsen, Graham Rogers,
1h 40min
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When Augusta's husband cheated on her, the woman was simply forced to drive him out of the house. Following this, which goes without saying, the family cracked, as a result of which the old life began to crumble before our eyes. Immediately an additional shock becomes a certain Betty, who is a girlfriend of one of the sons of Augusta. Nobody expected her to appear in the family. Oddly enough, after an unexpected visit by an uninvited guest, the situation revived. The girl suddenly broke into the already troubled life of someone else's family, which began to fall apart, and became the very incentive that will help restore relations. The measured life of loved ones who were "on opposite sides of the barricades" began to change dramatically, and now only one small effort is needed to return everything back to normal.

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