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Favorites Chariot (2013)

Chariot (2013) HD
Chariot (2013)
Year, country:
Brad Osborne
Anthony Montgomery, Ian Sinclair, Brina Palencia,
1h 27min
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Cole is a young man who comes to himself aboard a half-empty plane. He has no idea how he got here, and his last memory is that he was just about to have dinner. In addition to him, six more people are on board, who also do not remember how they got on the plane. Soon, they discover that there is nobody else on board the aircraft: neither the flight attendants, nor the pilots. Gradually, a company of strangers begins to seize a terrible panic, because they simply are not able to understand what is happening to them. Soon, one of the passengers discovers a smartphone in the back of the chair, thanks to which everyone sees terrible news about a global catastrophe that destroys the whole world ...

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