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Favorites Life Is A Breeze (2013)

Life Is A Breeze (2013) HD
Life Is A Breeze (2013)
Year, country:
Lance Daly
Kelly Thornton, Fionnula Flanagan, Pat Shortt
1h 23min
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Nan Small is a retired schoolteacher and widow living with her unemployed son, Colm. Just before her 80th birthday, Colm pays his niece Emma to take her grandmother out for the day so the rest of the family can give Nans house a much needed surprise makeover.  When Nan and Emma return, 40 years of clutter are gone, everything has been cleaned, and her old mattress has been replaced with a new one.  The only problem is that hidden inside old mattress of Nan was her personal savings, nearly a million Euros. The entire family bands together to find the mattress and the treasure inside, searching dumps, and landfills, and recycling centers.  Things get more complicated when Colm advertises a reward for the mattress on the radio.  Soon, the whole nation is out searching for the mattress.