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Favorites Swindle (2013)

Swindle (2013) HD
Swindle (2013)
Year, country:
Jonathan Judge
Jennette McCurdy, Noah Crawford, Chris O'Neal
1h 31min
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Griffin and Ben are true friends, ready to help each other in difficult times. When Ben's homeowners inform him that he must leave the apartment for non-payment, Griffin decides to help him get the necessary amount and pay for the accommodation. Friends find an old baseball player card Honus Wagner and go to the collectors store, which is owned by a certain Moshenvil. After long negotiations, he offers three hundred dollars for her, which friends immediately agree to. Overjoyed at the conclusion of a good deal, the boys headed home. However, after some time, they learned that this card actually costs about a million dollars. Then the young people decided to return her to themselves and punish the deceiver ...