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Favorites Nebraska (2013)

Nebraska (2013) HD
Nebraska (2013)
Year, country:
Alexander Payne
Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb
1h 55min
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Woody Grant is already old, he is 74 years old and he is tormented by Alzheimer's disease and an irresistible bad habit that has grown into alcoholism. The restless old man once was incredibly lucky - he won a million bucks in the lottery. Thinking that this is a hoax, he decides to check whether this is the case and goes to Nebraska, from where he received a notification of the win. He was taken to accompany the youngest son David, who is sure. That it was bred, but the stubborn old man wants to make sure of everything. On the way, father and son have the opportunity to call on Woody’s childhood town and visit relatives. Nostalgia surged over the old man and he visited many places memorable for him. The news of the new millionaire instantly scatters around the city. As a result, a notification of winning is stolen from them. However, upon arrival in Nebraska, it turns out that there is no gain. This failure did not prevent two representatives of different generations from finding a common language and drawing closer.