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Forever 16 (2013) HD
Forever 16 (2013)
Year, country:
George Mendeluk
Tiera Skovbye, Andrea Roth, Tyler Johnston
1h 25min
Forever 16 (2013) watch full movie online in HD on FilmsCLUB.org
"Forever 16" is a captivating fantasy and horror TV movie released in 2013. Set in Canada, the film revolves around the intriguing life of Raven Highgate, a sixteen-year-old vampire who constantly changes high schools to conceal her true identity. However, everything takes an unexpected turn when a perceptive local cop uncovers her secret. In a twist of fate, he offers Raven a deal: he will introduce her to other vampires in exchange for her assistance in apprehending a murderer lurking within the school. Faced with no alternative, Raven reluctantly accepts the offer, embarking on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, danger, and self-discovery.