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Ravens Touch (2015)
Year, country:
Marina Rice Bader Dreya Weber
Dreya Weber, Thunderbird Dinwiddie, David Hayward
1h 24min

The dramatic film Touch of the Raven tells the story of an exciting love story that unexpectedly happened between the key characters of the project. The lovely Raven has wild habits. Suddenly she leaves the thicket and gets acquainted with an unremarkable American family. The guys set up camp in a picturesque place and planned to enjoy nature and birdsong. They did not suspect that a strange stranger would soon burst into their lives.

At first, the mysterious girl behaved unconventionally and showed excessive aggression. They did not know how to behave in a civilized society and what threatens her meeting with people. Similar metamorphoses occurred with the unfortunate after the sudden death of the adored niece. The main character could not adequately survive the loss and was slightly distraught with grief. But the couple and the children managed to turn the tide and show the unexpected guest that they did not need to be afraid. Gradually, her heart softened, and she agreed to help the peace-loving family members learn how to survive in extreme conditions. You will learn how this amazing melodrama will end if you start watching the movie Touch of the Raven.

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