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Favorites [18+] Love (2015)

[18+] Love (2015)
Year, country:
Gaspar Noé
Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin
135 min/episode
Electra (Aomi Muyock) is an incredibly sexy and energetic girl with whom a student from America is getting to know in Paris. A guy and a girl are carried away by each other and a passion flashes between them, which until this moment was not familiar to him or her. The sea of pleasure and emotion - in this atmosphere there is now a couple. Over time, their relationship a little fade and in order to diversify their sex life, they decide to invite their neighbor to their bed. Omi (Klara Kristin) is a girl who will put an end to the couple's love relationship. But, before this triple of lovers will have time to experience unseen feelings and unbridled pleasure. Electra and Murphy (Karl Glusman) will be forced to leave when they learn that after a night of love, Omi became pregnant. Relationships end, but in the heart of everyone there is a hope that one day they will be together. One day, Electra's mother will call Murphy, because she will be concerned about where her daughter is. No wonder: Electra's propensity for suicide has always been high, and there are also such events. After talking with his mother, the guy will again remember his beloved, how well they were together.
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  1. Amber Middleton
    Great movie
    • 10 апреля 2019 21:39
  2. Wanne
    • 23
    Very Erotic Movie.... kissing_heart 
    • 11 июня 2019 14:31
  3. What a shame
    What a shame
    how is it possible that such pornographic movies are shown normally without age confirmation so even kids can see them
    what a disaster for humanity, the world has never seen such degradation
    this is ugly
    • 1 сентября 2019 03:55
  4. anonymous
    Newsflash: "Age Confirmation" (i.e. clicking a few times) does NOTHING to prevent kids from seeing a damn thing on the internet, rather it only tells them "hey guess what youre not supposed to see this" which only makes it more appealing/exciting for them to do so. What DOES are engaged, involved and aware PARENTS. The only thing ugly is your ignorant comment. 
    • 9 сентября 2019 04:36
  5. anonymous
    • 4
    14 mins into the movie,,, and my final thoughts: it's freaking boring
    • 8 октября 2019 19:43