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Favorites Last Flag Flying (2017)

Last Flag Flying (2017) HD
Last Flag Flying (2017)
Year, country:
Richard Linklater
Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, Steve Carell
2h 5min
According to the plot of the film "Last Flag Flying":
The last wave of the flag online - this is the continuation of the film "The Last Dress", released in 1973. In the center of the plot are the same characters, only older, after all, 30 years have passed since they served together in Vietnam. Larry Shepherd (Steve Carell) was a military doctor in the troops of the naval infantry. Sal Nilon (Bryan Cranston) and Richard Muller (Laurence Fishburne) are his comrades-in-arms. After returning home, each of them engaged in something of his own, but the comrades did not even expect that one of them would become ... a priest. Larry and Sal were very surprised when they saw Mueller in a black cassock and reading a sermon.

The last way for a son
Watch the movie The Last Flip Flag online and find out that old comrades have come together after so many years of separation for a reason. Although they did not communicate for a long time, but the friendship, tested by war, remained as strong. Larry wanted friends to help him in one important matter. He gathered them together and said that his son was also at war, only in Iraq, but he returned from there already in the coffin. Such news grieved the comrades, they understood what the father was going through at that moment. The problem was that Larry wanted to bury his son in his native city, and the military authorities believed that he had a place in a special cemetery for soldiers.

Friends are back together
Watch the movie The last wave of the flag is recommended for those who like dramas with elements of comedy. Realizing that there was no point in waiting for help, Shepherd decided to ask longtime comrades to take the son's body home together. Sal agreed at once, but with Muller there was a small hesitation, but this question quickly resolved, because the Lord's servant could not refuse the requestor, especially his friend.

Waving a flag is easier than performing a mission
At first, it seemed to men that there was nothing difficult in this task, but then some circumstances emerged that prevented the coffin from delivering to the native city quickly. The trip, which was to be an ordinary one, turned into a journey with a strip of obstacles. The main characters have the opportunity to re-learn each other, talk on different topics and discuss what has long wanted. But this is secondary, but will they fulfill their main mission? Watch free movie comedy, drama, war Last Flag Flying (2017) online in FilmsCLUB.org.
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