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Favorites 8 Mile (2002)

8 Mile (2002)
Year, country:
Curtis Hanson
Eminem, Brittany Murphy, Kim Basinger
1h 50min
The main thing in the plot: 1995 year. The United States of America pays special attention to the development of industrial policies of cities, considering it a brilliant way out of the current situation. But a promising undertaking turned Detroit into a battlefield between its colored and white population, chaos and confusion led to a very serious conflict. This grand misunderstanding became one of the most significant in the country's chronicle, and people who for many years learned to coexist peacefully for the first time drew attention to the division in accordance with the skin color. In FilmsCLUB.org you can watch 8 Mile (2002) online movies in HD, watch free movies, watch full movie online free.
Neighbors fell in love with quarreling and voicing claims, which until now simply did not exist, and children perceived the enmity of adults is particularly acute. The highway, which was called the eighth mile, began to fulfill the mission of the dividing line between the warring sides, it separated the metropolis from the suburbs. The only outlet for people was music, it helped express their emotions. Poor neighborhoods were on the verge of survival, but hip-hop helped to throw tough realities and plunge into the beautiful world of art, liberate and forget about boundaries. Perhaps this will somewhat smooth out the surge of aggression will once again return to the city the former prosperity. After all, music brings hope to the world.
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