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The Lorax (2012)
Year, country:
Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda (co-director)
Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny DeVito
1h 26min
The near future - there was not a single tree, not a single flower or blade of grass. Everything has been made of plastic a long time ago. And although all this plastic vegetation can do all sorts of incredible things - to glow, sing, or play music, there are still people who think that there was much more meaning in real trees. Full movie Lorax 2012.
A boy named Ted, twelve years old, in love with his friend Audrey. But she agrees to pay attention to the unfortunate lover only if he gets something for her. You think that a girl needs a star from heaven, as it is customary to say in romantic stories, but no, Audrey wants a real tree. Naturally, Ted can not ignore the whim of his lover, and goes for help to granny and she gives him advice, he needs to get out of the city and find us a Nakhodkin who lives as a hermit in his home away from the city. The boy manages to find him and he tells him a sad story. It turns out that Nahodkin himself was to blame for the fact that all living vegetation has disappeared and now only a mysterious Lorax can help Ted.