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Deep Gold (2011)
Year, country:
Michael Gleissner
Bebe Pham, Jaymee Ong, Michael Gleissner
1h 26min
Emmy Sanchez, is a well-known record holder for immersion in the water without using the aqualung. She lived herself calmly and did not think about anything, she was somehow drawn into big trouble. What could the main character fall in? Emmy, along with her sisters Jess, as well as Benny Simpson, will have to sort out the recent plane crash, because of which it is not known where the gold bars on board were lost. Just need to find out if this was all arranged in advance, a well-planned crime, or all the same a conspiracy? .. This is exactly what the heroines of this film will be doing, only they need to be very careful, and all because they contacted very dangerous people. Only how can you stay alive if these people are ready to commit any actions. Since that time, girls need to be together. Now Emmy will need to apply her professionalism in underwater diving. Will the gold bullion be returned and the criminal punished? The painting was presented by director Michael Glaisner in April 2011. To perform the main roles were invited such little-known actors: Bebe Pam, Jamie Ong, and Michael Glaisner. Viewing the picture is for viewers who have reached the age of thirteen. What kind of movie this movie turned out to be recognized by TV viewers only when they look at this film.
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