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Life After People (2008) HD
Life After People (2008)
Year, country:
David de Vries
Struan Rodger, John Anderson, David Brin
1h 48min
Frightens the unsophisticated viewer, but he only needs to plunge into the storyline, as he eagerly absorbs the huge layers of research material. The artful interweaving of historical facts in fantastic speculation is captured by invisible macrame knots from the title to the credits.  What is the destiny of the thousand-year history of town-planning and man's sculptures? The eccentricity of hypotheses, frank clots of discouraging guesses, combined with a soft manner of presenting information by scientists, ethnographers, simply docks of antiquity, are not of any interest whatsoever. There is nothing eternal, but how quickly will the destructive erasure of architectural monuments go from the face of the earth? Digital technology allows you to simulate the oppressive fate of masterpieces of human architecture... Watch free movie documentary, sci-fi, 2008 Life After People (2008) online in FilmsCLUB.org.