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Daphne (2017)
Year, country:
Peter Mackie Burns
Emily Beecham, Geraldine James, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
1h 28min
Daphne is an ordinary, adult woman who has experienced serious experiences in the past, subjected several times to treacherous betrayal by her close people. After the unpleasant events that provoked severe psychological experiences, she became a convinced cynic, rejecting any human weaknesses. She disregarded any manifestation of humanity, and especially everything that concerns romantic relationships. Such a manifestation of the negative greatly complicates an already difficult life. A self-confident person needs to gather with his thoughts, muster up mental strength, in order to find a way to overcome sudden problems that have significantly worsened in the last period. A simple, unforeseen event provoked a whole series of incidents that contributed to insurmountable changes. Daphne subconsciously wishes to return the normal perception of the world around, which is characteristic of most people. She again wants to become feminine and sensual, capable of experiencing love. Such reincarnation is unbearably difficult to produce, it is necessary to radically change the manner of communication with people, which has become habitual for many years. Possessing incredible self-control and willpower, a woman will make maximum efforts to change her own future. Perhaps the icy heart of a mature, self-affirming beauty will soon be melted by a courageous, considerate man, capable of bold, decisive actions. Trying to cope with their own complexes, she feels uncertainty over the mass of questions that have arisen in her own mind, which will have to be answered independently.