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The Lost Viking (2018) HD
The Lost Viking (2018)
Year, country:
Emmet Cummins
Dean Ridge, Ross O'Hennessy, Kezia Burrows
1h 46min
Vitarr - a young, fearless warrior-viking, dreaming of unforgettable adventures and new victories in irreconcilable battles with enemies. He belongs to the militant people, the meaning of whose existence lies in the relentless conquest and enslavement of the weaker tribes who could not resist the well-prepared army. Once, together with his associates, he arrives on the territory of Britain, striving to meet the next conquests and the victorious procession through foreign lands. However, this time the fate was not on the side of the Viking army, preparing for them an unexpected surprise in the form of the most difficult tests. Insidious, enemy fighters attack the clan of aliens, ruthlessly destroying all those caught in a place of brutal punishment. Vitarar manages to survive in an unequal battle, but all family members and other relatives died at the hands of the attackers. The surviving warrior will have to avenge all those who died in this bloody meat grinder, who did not leave the chances of survival unprepared for so strong resistance to people. He found himself in a country with alien customs, where he had to survive with difficulty, hiding in impenetrable forests, among wild beasts that are dangerous. Having lost all that was practically the meaning of life in a cruel, unequal battle, the Viking can now only think about revenge, trying to develop an effective plan of cruel revenge, which allows to quench the heartache of irreparable loss. Not ceasing rage and constant reflections on ways of realization of artful plans, give the soldier forces for restoration and courage for continuation of opposition to enemy formations. It remains to wait for a convenient moment to inflict a fatal blow.