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The Counsellor (2013)
Year, country:
Ridley Scott
Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz
1h 57min
The main character of the movie "Counselor" is a reasonable and successful lawyer. However, in contrast to career advances, he is completely unable to deal with his personal life. He has a bride with whom he is about to play a wedding, but this did not prevent the lawyer from becoming a drug courier. The passion of two lovers who are about to swap their wedding rings and oaths of loyalty is a wonderful sight that you can observe with passion, conveniently located in front of the monitor to watch a good movie of excellent quality. Especially if you consider that the main characters shot by director Ridley Scott Thriller "Counselor" are truly the most famous stars of Hollywood. Who does not risk - he does not drink champagne. The price of "goods" according to the preliminary estimate is 20 million dollars. It remains only to redirect drugs from Mexico to America. The full optimism of a love scene at the very beginning of the film is replaced by not so pleasant frames, where a truck with sewage hides a barrel of cocaine. This cargo is shipped from Mexico to the United States (USA), where it is already waiting for the recipients, including the advisor who decided to abruptly "make up" on the drug business before the wedding, agreeing to the offer of his friend. Although he warned that members of Mexican cartels do not celebrate lawyers very much, the advisor did not listen to the reasonable caution. For such a "feat," his old friend, who has been engaged in such a business for quite a long time, hinted at him. The chance to earn a decent amount, and also guarantees from a proven person - why not take a chance? But in practice everything is far from that simple. After all, there are other people who want to get the goods, which appeared in the hands of an inexperienced courier. Leads to regret his decision a lawyer was more than enough: accident with his team, the death of a friend, a companion murder, kidnapping lover, and at the end of all this thrown disc signed the word "Hello" - the last of his beloved hi. It is possible that instead of wedding songs that the protagonist will be accompanied by a funeral march...