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Favorites Love, Simon (2018)

Love, Simon (2018)
Year, country:
Greg Berlanti
Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel
1h 50min
Movie "Love, Simon" tells the viewer about a rather difficult situation, which includes a high school student named Simon. Some time ago he began to notice something strange in his life. Boys of his age have long enjoyed the company of young beauties, but for some reason Simon absolutely does not want to go to the girls. For a while he simply could not understand what was really happening to him. But later the young man learns that he belongs to a certain group of people who prefer to have relations only with members of their own sex. Beware of ridicule, he does his best to not reveal his secret to everyone. But at the same time the guy secretly corresponds with his lover. The hero does not even suspect that he is actually communicating with his classmate, but their relationship is gradually developing. Martin, one of the school hooligans, gets access to Simon's correspondence and learns about his secret. He threatens to expose the guy, unless of course he will not help him conquer the heart of one local beauty.