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Carter & June (2017)
Year, country:
Nicholas Kalikow
Michael Raymond-James, Samaire Armstrong, Timothy Omundson
1h 27min
It's fabulous to get rich, probably everyone dreams of living on the planet. However, some try to make a lot of effort, spending a lot of time to achieve the goal, others want to get huge money without extra effort and very quickly. Recently, a man who adheres to the second point of view, has learned a great way to enrich himself at the same time, for which it is necessary to organize an expedition. Unfortunately, intruders have learned of an unusual idea, wishing to also obtain untold treasures. Not everyone can keep human qualities, rushing to meet adventurous ideas. In pursuit of big money, many irretrievably lose their former moral appearance, turning into a soulless, greedy creature, without thinking about the consequences, eliminating any obstacles on the way that have arisen, including disliked people. Carter managed to man in the most difficult to stay situations, saving from the looming danger of another's child. He has to confront the mafia boss, after sending cruel thugs, intending to deal with the object of numerous troubles. With soulless thugs it is impossible to come to a compromise, to show great courage, incredible ingenuity and ingenuity, to avoid a direct encounter with armed mercenaries who are very determined and hostile. Giving June's help, a man begins to feel affection for her, which later grew into true love. The girl, having learned a new acquaintance, begins to feel mutual sympathy. Now the couple acts together, not wanting to give the treasure into the hands of the enemies, surpassing them significantly by intellectual ability.