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20th Century Women (2016)
Year, country:
Mike Mills
Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig
1h 59min
"Tells about one of the most light and romantic periods in history. The youth sexual revolution of the late 60's and early 70's opened new ways for girls and boys. Southern California is becoming one of those islets of love and hope for a brighter future. And while they are young and full of energy, they have much to believe in. First love and romantic relationships, bitterness of betrayal and awareness of the imperfection of the world. In 1979, a crisis of confidence begins, when disrespect for the American government began to grow among the population. The first wave of revolutions among hippies and punks gradually subsided. To replace frivolity and relaxation in society comes a new desire to adjust the world to their requests and standards. This crisis was manifested in the growing doubts about the meaning of life of each of the Americans, and the loss of the unity of the American people as a whole. They always considered themselves part of the great movement of all mankind, whose task is the search for freedom. Women have always believed that their children will live better than their predecessors. But the youth gradually left, and the new generation wants to dictate its own order. But the ownership of property and consumption do not satisfy the thirst for the search for meaning. Mothers of middle age look at their daughters. They learn their youth in them. Then the broken heart was one way of knowing life. The young generation commits the same mistakes that their mothers and fathers once committed. The most difficult life stage through which teenagers will have to go through is the first mistakes and pain from unrequited love. Then it will become easier, but then it will be hard again. Life is cyclical, and the main character of the film tries to convey it to her offspring. Each of her children is experiencing the first life stage of growing up, which will make them people.