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Downloading Nancy (2008)
Year, country:
1h 42min
Johan Renck
Maria Bello, Rufus Sewell, Jason Patric
Nancy is a deeply suffering woman with a sick psyche. Monotonous life, cold, bordering on the cruelty of the indifference of her husband, reduce it to mind. And only physical suffering, masochism help her at least second, if not get rid, then at least dull the pain in the shower. Tired of her life and constant depression, the housewife Nancy decides to end such a disgusting life for her and go to another world. But seconds of relief pass and pain returns. Now Nancy has only one dream - to say goodbye to this life forever and with this pain. One word is suicide. Instead of all the normal people hanging themselves, cutting their veins or throwing themselves out of the window, Nancy hires a man through the Internet who agrees to kill her for a solid monetary reward. But she does not have enough willpower to commit suicide - therefore she finds a person through the Internet who agrees to engage in the role of a "merciful killer." One problem - after meeting with his victim, Patrick falls in love with her. Of course, between the pair immediately there is a novel...