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Euphoria (2018) HD
Euphoria (2018)
Year, country:
Valeria Golino
Riccardo Scamarcio, Valerio Mastandrea, Isabella Ferrari
1h 55min
In the center of the plot of the painting Euphoria is the fate of the two sisters Emily and Ines. From an early age, girls are very close. They were brought up in an incomplete family. All cares for the little ones lay on the shoulders of the mother. After graduation, Emily and Ines diverged. The girls went to different cities. And each began to live their own lives. For several years my sisters did not see or communicate. Once Inez receives from the sister an extremely unusual letter.She completely cut herself off from family worries, purposefully building her own life independent and supportive, filled with personal joys and successes. Green was the youngest daughter, was the complete opposite, possessed a complaisant character and a good heart. Emily invites Ines to go on a trip to Europe for several weeks. Missed by her sister Ines, she gladly accepts the offer. Having met Emily, Ines notes for herself too haggard and strange look of her sister. Creeps into her suspicions that Emily had planned some unusual religious ritual. Having reached the advanced age, the mother of the girls fell seriously ill. A serious ailment of the unfortunate for a long time to bed chained, constant care was required at home. Naturally the duties of a permanent nurse had to take on his shoulders second daughter. Caring for her sick mother, she lost the opportunity to arrange her own destiny, build a professional career, realize the existing abilities. After a while, the parent dies. Sisters after a long time are separated from the funeral and understand that their relationship has not changed, misunderstanding and alienation only intensified over the years. Vikander unexpectedly offers her sister a long trip to the European cities to get acquainted with the world's sights. Later, the true purpose of the organized cruise will be revealed, leading to tragic consequences.