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2036 Origin Unknown (2018) HD
2036 Origin Unknown (2018)
Year, country:
Hasraf Dulull
Katee Sackhoff, Julie Cox, Steven Cree
1h 34min
The first, organized by the international organization research expedition, sent to the surface of the distant, unknown and enticing Mars, culminated in a catastrophic failure. All scientists, astronauts, members of the group of volunteer researchers tragically died, and did not reach the goal. The unsuccessfully failed mission was led by Mackenzie Wilson, who is the operator and the main coordinator of the actions being taken.

Frustrated by the failure and upset by the death of people, the protagonist of the fantasy film "The Origin of Unknown" 2018 online is taken to investigate the catastrophe to find out the objective reasons that led to an unexpected tragedy. Something unforeseen happened and inexplicable, since the operation was prepared for a long time, in the preliminary activities only highly skilled masters were involved.

None of the members of the expedition survived, so it is impossible to obtain reliable data on the actual failure or someone's fatal mistake. Wilson intends to get to the bottom of the truth, doing a detailed study of the available facts and a few information, resorting to the help of a high-tech system equipped with artificial intelligence, which has great performance.

Together with an electronic assistant, Mackenzie purposefully moves on to unravel the incident, an unpleasant incident on an unattainable, mysterious planet. Soon the operator manages to uncover incredible, exciting secrets hidden on the Martian surface, inaccessible to earthlings. If humanity manages to get to the desired Mars and unravel all the secrets that are stored there, the future of the Earth will change radically.