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Birdland (2018) HD
Birdland (2018)
Year, country:
Peter Lynch
Kathleen Munroe, David Alpay, Benjamin Ayres
1h 29min
Sheila Hood is a former police officer whose marriage is on the verge of breaking up. The thing is that she begins to suspect her husband of treason. Instead of clarifying the relationship and groundless accusations, the woman sets up a camera in the house, on which she hopes to remove evidence of her husband's infidelity. Tom is an ornithologist and has an affair with her ex-girlfriend Merle, the beauty and fragility of which reminds him of studied birds. She, in turn, is the mistress of Ray Starling, working alongside James, an influential oil tycoon. Kevin is a former partner of Sheila, who helps her collect proof of the betrayal of Tom. Soon he finds out that he can connect the couple with the murder of Starling and possibly with the mysterious death of Merle ...