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Alex Strangelove (2018) HD
Alex Strangelove (2018)
Year, country:
Craig Johnson
Kathryn Erbe, Madeline Weinstein, Isabella Amara
1h 39min
Alex Trulov, a student at school, was a persistent and diligent student. He constantly studied the literature and subsequently became an excellent student. Teachers who put great hopes on the boy were treated well, and peers adored him. After a while the hero of the film "Alex Strangelove" becomes the star of the class. Having received some kind of power, he tries to help his fellow students and conducts additional lessons with laggards. Many schoolgirls dream about the company of an honors pupil. But he only meets Claire. The young man plans to be engaged to a beauty in the future.

One day a newcomer comes to his electives. The guy's name is Elliot and he impresses the elder with his charisma, the guys quickly become buddies. One day a hero notices that a new acquaintance is behaving strangely and hiding something. Deciding to learn about the mystery of his peer, Alex provokes him for a serious conversation. Soon it turns out that Elliott is drawn to the guys. He talks about his homosexuality to an excellent student, and he reflects about his own orientation. Gradually, the young man realizes that he is attracted to a new friend.