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Kate Can’t Swim (2017) HD
Kate Can’t Swim (2017)
Year, country:
Josh Helman
Josh Helman, Celeste Arias, Jennifer Allcott
1h 30min
A young American woman turns out to be a participant in intriguing events, in her life taking place for a number of objective reasons. An extraordinary girl cardinally from her peers differs in her belonging to non-traditional sexual orientation, that certain daily adjustments and the construction of the future make certain adjustments to the usual. She has a lover who recently went to Paris, to spend in the French intending capital for a while. Her return is unexpected surprise for a friend, because she returned from the trip not the same young person, but an attractive guy, changing the sex identity cardinally. Shocked Kate, posed before the fact, does not know which decision to take in order to continue his further existence, without harming his own future, which was in doubt. The girl must finally decide whether it is necessary to continue the movement along the current, towards long-planned dreams, according to old ideas, or to break off the old relationships and live anew, not starting from scratch, starting from zero starting. Fateful decision is not easy to take, any mistake can become fatal, lead to a series of irreparable stupidities. Incorrect actions can bring suffering to Kate and a former lover who has turned into a cute boyfriend, to whom she continues the romantic affection to experience. A young American woman stands at a crossroads, the final not daring step to make in the right direction, leading to happiness. There is a difficult situation, almost hopeless, requiring immediate, decisive action, bringing closer to an unpredictable outcome of the intricate history.