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Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder (2018) HD
Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder (2018)
Year, country:
Michael Robison
Giacomo Baessato, Samantha Cole, Ellen Ewusie
1h 40min
Criminal story, starting quite trite, without any hint of an exciting sequel. One day, Hayley is going to a traditional concert of schoolchildren to attend, to watch the performance of her beloved niece. While attending a school meeting with others, having communicated with parents who came to watch the children, she unexpectedly learns the news unpleasant, serious consequences. It turns out that recently in the walls of an educational institution a nuisance occurred. The teacher of music working here, with whom she was quite familiar, disappeared without a trace. Between the girls there were friendly relations, on common based interests and mutual understanding. Haley became interested in the incident, the decision of which no one is trying to find out for unknown reasons. She decides for an independent investigation, try to find out the reasons for what happened to find the missing musician. A purposeful, inquisitive woman is asked to find out what kind of relations within the pedagogical are observed by the collective and among other employees, in the staff of the incoming educational institutions. To my surprise, it reveals a lot of unforeseen, rather unpleasant secrets concerning the financial side of the matter. The disappearance of the teacher collected by the efforts of the parental community, for payment of the intended repair work...