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Rats (2016)
Year, country:
Morgan Spurlock
Ed Sheehan, Bobby Corrigan, Dr. Michael Blum
1h 24min
Terrible vile creatures inhabit our planet. Among them are disgusting rats. Many people simply do not tolerate these rodents, and some keep decorative rats in their apartments and are happy with their pets. They differ significantly from all other rodents. They are tested a lot of drugs and drugs. Their main danger lies in the fact that they are the most active carriers of very serious diseases, most of them are simply incurable. It is said that rats appeared long before man and will disappear thousands of years after the death of the rest of the intelligent and animal world. Or they will not disappear at all, because the rodent organism is a unique system that can adapt to just about any circumstances. In this film, close-up shows the life of rats. Their daily wandering around the sewers and cellars. Zoologists may find it interesting to observe these animals, but an ordinary person, and with an unstable psyche, obviously does not like this spectacle. We do not even have a clear idea of how many rats live in the underground labyrinths of our city. The authors of the documentary film "The Rats" (2016) seriously engaged in studying the lives of these creatures in the modern metropolis. They conducted a number of experiments and made a lot of shocking discoveries. They told the audience about the difficulties that employees of all health services face every day when they are fighting with these rodents that have flooded the city. Rats at all times posed a threat to man and now the most important question that scientists ask, how to deal with them? This film will reveal the terrible veil of the mystery of the rat life on Earth.