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Favorites Three Summers (2017)

Three Summers (2017)
Year, country:
Ben Elton
Robert Sheehan, Rebecca Breeds, Michael Caton
1h 35min
While still studying at a regular Houston school in Texas, Benjamin Bentley sensed how much different from his peers. While the other guys actively courted cute girls, begging for a phone number and inviting to date, he absolutely did not feel the slightest attraction to the opposite sex.

Moreover, by the time he was seventeen, a teenager, terribly suffering from loneliness, had clearly realized that he had an unconventional sexual orientation, because of which, naturally, he had virtually no true friends and even acquaintances. Relatives also turned away from him, in every way condemning. Suddenly, fate brings Ben to Tim Wyman, an athletically-built young man who has only recently moved to these parts.

A few months after the first acquaintance of the hearts of the guys begin to beat in unison. They first realize that the same true, mutual, same-sex love. Ahead of the non-standard couple expects a lot of amazing moments and romantic joint walks, and besides, the strongest upheavals and quarrels, because the society is not yet ready for the fact that two guys could so easily express themselves in love to each other.