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Delirium (2018) HD
Delirium (2018)
Year, country:
Johnny Martin
Mike C. Manning, Griffin Freeman, Ryan Pinkston
1h 26min
The young boy had a serious life trouble, which led to a nervous breakdown, provoked serious problems with the psyche. His parents put him on a course of specific treatment in a psychiatric hospital to restore psycho-emotional balance and to normal return to existence. Accounting for more than half of his short life. After some time, he receives a sad news about the death of loving father and mother. The period of treatment ended with successful results. Former patient is released, where he must be self-adapted to an unfamiliar environment. The legacy of deceased parents left a psychiatric boy to get a spacious mansion, where he continues to plan for his existence. Getting out of the abominable place, tediously appealing and feeling hopelessness. There were soon terrible events that provoked a new surge. The unfortunate begins to see the ghosts who have found refuge in the territory of his home. Uncontaminated souls are haunted by a young citizen, called on him to join. The guy tries to determine if anything is happening in reality, or that the inflamed mind plays with him in ferocious games.