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The Hatching (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Anderson
Thomas Turgoose, Andrew Lee Potts, Laura Aikman
1h 30min
A horror film that tells of a brood of crocodiles who want to eat human.  Teen Tim was eager to please his new girlfriend. He wanted to give her a birthday handbag of crocodile skin, for which she had long dreamed of. But money for the purchase of an expensive purchase, of course, was not enough. The smart young man comes up with a rather strange plan. He got into a fenced pond, he did not notice the creepy hunted. Tim bullied out of the cage, but still managed to get a small bite from an angry crocodile. The boy was very frightened and since then began to feel fear and disgust at these animals. The eggs had to be thrown out so that they would not be caught. A long time passed and a young man named Tim Webber, one of those guys, returns to the city of childhood. It turns out that carnivorous eggs stolen from childhood appeared. They grew in the woods near the river. Now they have grown up and become full-fledged adults. In an unusual environment, they began to hunt locals. To destroy dangerous animals and hunters referred to the police, but the operation ended in failure. The blame for those eggs, out of them hatched crocodiles, which in a few years grown in adults. Now they need more food and they switched to people. The young man first does not attach importance to these disappearances, but eventually he begins to connect the latest events with the mysterious reptile. The mistake of childhood and adolescence is now life of innocent people. Crocodiles sometimes attack the inhabitants and they can not do anything about it. We must take the weapons and try to destroy such unmanaged reptiles, otherwise they will continue to kill the civilian population...