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Favorites Original Sin (2001)

Original Sin (2001)
Year, country:
Michael Cristofer
Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jane
1h 56min
| Original Sin (2001) watch full movie free online| and new 2019. Successful entrepreneur Luis Antonio Vargas, engaged in the trade of coffee, has made a fortune. However, he feels unhappy without his second half. To get rid of loneliness, Louis decides to marry an American girl, Julia Russell. His recent pen-pal, which he always represented innocent, simple and very modest, becomes the man's bride. At the first meeting, the hero realizes that he was very mistaken in the young beauty, but the art of seduction of Julia takes over. A businessman falls in love with her.

Family life of the newlyweds begins with happy days, overflowing with love and passion. Julia falls madly in love with Louis, and then suddenly leaves the house, taking her things and money from a Cuban businessman. A woman who hurries into Louis’s life also leaves quickly, leaving only the bitterness of disappointment and emptiness in her heart. The man does not know what to do, because apart from the acquired condition she took the heart and all the warmth that he lacked so much. The femme fatale very quickly made Louis the happiest man and just as quickly made him feel most miserable, leaving behind only questions with no answers.
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