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Root Cause (2019) HD
Root Cause (2019)
Year, country:
Frazer Bailey
Ben Purser, Kerith Atkinson, Oliver Bailey
1h 13min
Root Cause is a feature length documentary featuring expert opinions from cutting edge doctors and dentists from around the world, that exposes the true health effects of the root canal procedure. Root Cause is one man's extraordinary, personal journey of self-discovery set to send ripples through the dental profession and expose perhaps one of the world's greatest medical industry cover-ups. Root Cause (2019) Watch full movies online free | FilmsCLUB.org | and horror movie TOOF (2019)
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  1. Guest Catherine
    What’s the solution for baby root canals?  My oldest is almost 7.  Took her to one dentist who wanted to pull one molar and do 3 baby root canals.  Went for a second opinion, a holistic dentist.  She prefers pulling teeth over a root canal, but since she has 4 molars that need repair she suggested pulling 2 and 2 root canals. My daughter is not in any pain, but we have 5-6 years before her permanent molars come in.  I want to do what’s best for her.  Any suggestions?  
    • 3 марта 2019 21:38
  2. Crystal
    Catherine i HIGHLY suggest doing two things. Get the book by ramiel nagel called heal tooth decay. We healed three cavities with his protocol.
    Second i recommend getting another opinion because it’s WIDELY known that dentists make crap up to get money. They told me i had 9 cavities and my boys had 5. I saw another dentist and he laughed and said i had 1 and my boys had 1. Also DO NOT LET YOUR KID GET ANY WORK DONE WITHOUT You PRESENT because there’s a lot of abuse on the dentistry world with kids when parents aren’t permitted back there.

    • 5 марта 2019 00:15
  3. Cheryl
    • 8
    What should you do if you have many root canals ?
    • 10 марта 2019 20:30
    1. Eddie Garza
      If you are having health issues, go visit a holistic dentist. If no issues, then do nothing. 
      • 29 апреля 2019 04:47
  4. garas
    • 7
    I do not know .. I think watch a lot of comedies
    • 13 марта 2019 19:05
  5. Sophie Lockington
    Great movie
    • 10 апреля 2019 21:34
  6. Eddie Garza
    Documentary was very informative and interesting. It makes a lot of sense. It was removed from Netflix because regular dentists complained about it. Makes them look bad. 
    • 29 апреля 2019 04:49