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Favorites Among the Shadows (2019)

Among the Shadows (2019)
Year, country:
Tiago Mesquita
Lindsay Lohan, Charlotte Beckett, Gianni Capaldi
1h 36min
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 Kristy Wolfe (Charlotte Beckett) is a private detective and in her business she is considered a true professional. At the moment, the heroine of the film is investigating the murder of his uncle. Lt. MacGregor (Gianni Capaldi) is helping her in this difficult task. Kristy was the last person Harry had talked with before his death. And he managed to talk about what happened to him and after that the connection was broken. After the lifeless body of the unfortunate was discovered, there were numerous traces of the bite of an unknown animal on it. It would seem that a man was simply torn into small pieces. Soon the public became aware of this tragedy, people began to panic and demanded that the policemen open the case as soon as possible. When Kristy was in the city and went to the scene, then after that her quiet life came to an end. She begins to notice strange things happening in this place. The heroine of the film carefully hid from those around her true origins, but someone became aware of this and Christie opened a hunt. The thing is that she was a representative of the ancient kind of werewolves and ahead of her to enter into a fierce battle with their ruthless relatives.
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