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Kill Mode (2020)
Year, country:
Thijs Meuwese
Dave Mantel, Julia Batelaan, Yasmin Blake
1h 37min
About the film: In 2022, the virus COVID-19 killed twenty-one million people, a medicine was created in a few months, but it was obtained at a high price, the company that invented it became the largest in the world. One group fought back and their mission was to find out whether the company had created the disease so that the world knew the truth, but they were close, it went into destruction mode. It is 2027, eight years after the first outbreak of the disease, an extremely contagious, adaptive and deadly virus. Currently, the world is ruled by a pharmaceutical corporation called The Company, which distributes the cure for the virus, but charges a high price for it, which puts most people in a state of poverty and dependence, makes it on the verge of eradication from poverty.

David Oscar will no longer fight. He has lost all hope and is hiding in a small illegal clinic. David is a former member of the Potok movement, a rebel movement described in the media as a terrorist organization. Flux believes that the company itself is responsible for the disease. After many years of hiding from his past, David was found by members of the stream, who convince him to take part in an important mission, which, in their opinion, will lead to a regime of healing from the disease. What they discover when they crack a guarded company facility is not a cure for the disease, but just a young girl named Molly. She was captured and subjected to company experiments ...
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