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Favorites The Wishmas Tree (2020)

The Wishmas Tree (2020)
Year, country:
Ricard Cussó
Miranda Tapsell, Ross Noble, Kate Murphy
1h 30min
The young girl, possum, Kerry, most of all wants to meet Christmas with snow ... After all, this is what creates the real spirit of the holiday, a cozy atmosphere and indescribable children's delight. Fortunately, there is a Tree nearby that can fulfill wishes. You just need to find a flower and say what you want. Everything is very simple, but something went wrong - either Kerry formulated her desire incorrectly, or some kind of failure occurred. Whatever it was, everything around was frozen, and the Tree itself was at death. Kerry must now, by all means, fix what she herself had done. The city needs salvation, and wild animals and other dangers will be obstacles for the girl. But most of all, she will be hindered by her own insecurity, which must be overcome.

The film is directed by Ricard Cussó, in whose assets there are no popular projects. Free full best movie The Wishmas Tree (2020) online in FilmsCLUB.org
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