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Favorites The Quarry (2020)

The Quarry (2020)
Year, country:
Scott Teems
Shea Whigham, Michael Shannon, Catalina Sandino Moreno
1h 38min

The preacher is trying hard to escape from his past, hoping to find something truly valuable. For this reason, he decides to leave the city to settle in a small and quiet province. There, the priest from the film "Quarry" plans to start life from scratch, helping parishioners.

Going on a journey, a preacher meets a man on the sidelines. Desiring to help him, the priest stops and takes him with him. However, he fails to save the lost, restless soul. Instead, a stranger, trying to get to Mexico to hide from being persecuted for his committed deeds, cracked down on a preacher and threw his body not far from the road.

Trying to plan his further actions, the criminal decides to steal the identity of the priest. He takes his clothes and goes to town. The tramp hopes that no one will seek a lone preacher in a provincial border settlement. However, he cannot even imagine that in the city he will manage to find his own salvation and answers to questions that torment him for a long time. But can a criminal from the movie “Career” be able to keep his most important secret secret and remain unsolved?

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