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Favorites Agent Toby Barks (2020)

Agent Toby Barks (2020)
Year, country:
Dan Hunter
Brett Azar, Dean Cain, Dina Cataldi
1h 25min

The dog named Toby lives in a loving and caring family, preferring to spend most of his time in the backyard of the house. He does not need anything and is completely happy. However, none of the owners of the dog even suspects that their pet, the protagonist of the movie Agent Toby Barks, is in fact one of the most valuable government operatives.

One day, teenagers Kate and Bret, who live in the house with their beloved dog, discover that their aunt has disappeared. They begin her search and soon find out that she was abducted by a crazy villain. Teenagers manage to find out that the offender plans to take over the world and enslave all of humanity. The guys cannot allow this, so they immediately go to the aid of the aunt. At the same time, teenagers from the movie "Agent Toby Barks" find out that their beloved dog has been serving in the US government for a long time. The dog joins forces with his masters to fight the villain and destroy his criminal plans.

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