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Favorites Abigail Haunting (2020)

Abigail Haunting (2020)
Year, country:
Kelly Schwarze
Chelsea Jurkiewicz, Austin Collazo, Brenda Daly
1h 25min

Fearing for her life, Katie escapes from an ex-boyfriend. Realizing that he will not lag behind, the heroine decides to go where he certainly will not look for her - in the provincial Prescott, located on the outskirts of Nevada. Her adoptive mother Marge still lives here. Her home is an old trailer, which she practically never leaves, receiving food from her neighbor Walter. However, she does not communicate with anyone and spends most of the day silently watching news stories on the screen. For Cathy, these oddities are familiar, because she already dealt with them. However, she simply has no other choice, so she stays in the trailer for a while. In the coming days, the girl will notice such a large number of inexplicable oddities that it will become obvious - there is some supernatural power in the district ...

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