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Lamp Life (2020)
Year, country:
Valerie LaPointe
Annie Potts, Ally Maki, Jim Hanks

This pretty little thing survived many amazing adventures, no less than great travelers. It is an unusual baby lamp. In addition to the lamp and lampshade that is usual in other nightlights, it has a cute figurine in the form of a snow-white sheep grazing on a green lawn. She behaves unpredictably. It happens that at night it suddenly flares up, disrupting the baby's calm sleep. Because of this, once she was simply thrown out of the window, the lamp was in the trash. But neither dirt, nor wind or heat spoiled it. Even mysterious intruders could not break this masterpiece. Once she told her story to a brave cowboy, bored on a review wheel, which towered in an amusement park.

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