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Favorites Faust the Necromancer (2020)

Faust the Necromancer (2020)
Year, country:
Varun Giridhar
Terrance Willis, Freddie Webster III, Amy L Levin
1h 20min
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Medicine became Faust's main addiction from early childhood, and at the first successful opportunity he entered a prestigious medical university. The young guy sincerely believed that his work would benefit the world, and he would be recognized, although this was not what he was chasing. The students surrounding him were sure that, becoming a doctor, they would turn into wealthy people, because this direction, with the right choice of place of work, is the most profitable. Despite numerous peers, the young man was confidently moving towards his goal, not turning back to failure. The obsession with experiments in the scientific field grew rapidly, and at a certain time when the question arose of what he was willing to sacrifice for the sake of success, he answered without hesitation, to everyone. Youthful maximalism leaped in his blood in earnest when he had an unexpected acquaintance who made a good offer. The medic gave his own soul in exchange for the fulfillment of a dream, only then he still did not realize that for the success of his undertaking he had paid too high a price, and the consequences were not far off.

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