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Favorites In the Drift (2020)

In the Drift (2020)
Year, country:
Jared Cohn
Michael DeVorzon, Paulina Nguyen, Veronika Issa
1h 25min
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Former NASCAR driver Jack Tyson came to Mexico to help his gambling little brother Nelson get out of the game. Jack did not think that his trip would go wrong. Nelson is indebted to a criminal boss named Davy, but he does not want the guy to pay him cash. He wants Nelson to convince his brother Jack to take part in the well-known illegal race "Outlaw 1000". Jack got out of the racing game a few years earlier and vowed not to participate anymore because of the event that is still haunting him. He returned behind the wheel just to save the life of his brother. Jack will have to compete with two rivals: one of them is a daring young racer named Mick, looking at Jack as a dinosaur, the other is a girl Nina, who imagines herself a celebrity on Instagram ...

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