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Favorites Top Gunner (2020)

Top Gunner (2020)
Year, country:
Daniel Lusko
Eric Roberts, Carol Anne Watts, Julian Cavett
1h 24min
Top Gunner (2020) full movie 2020 online in FilmsCLUB.org

Behind the celestial ace, nicknamed Maverick, thirty years of excellent service, three downed planes in fierce air battles and many state awards. Death bypassed the lucky party. He had long been rear-admiral, but the famous pilot constantly refused to increase. When it came time to land on the ground, a black jacket and sun glasses replaced the flight equipment. Changing wings to a bike, he raced along the highway, gaining the usual high speed. With the rank of captain, Mitchell went on to become an instructor, trying his best to get used to the role of a teacher of young pilots. He enthusiastically plunged into training, driven by the desire to educate new first-class specialists. Therefore, technical innovations in replacing aircraft “dinosaurs” with drones deeply affected his feelings. Can Pete prove the superiority of a man at the helm?

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