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Favorites Spy Intervention (2020)

Spy Intervention (2020)
Year, country:
Drew Mylrea
Poppy Delevingne, Dave Sheridan, Blake Anderson
1h 33min
Spy Intervention (2020) full movie 2020 online in FilmsCLUB.org

Corey Gage is a young man who is a secret agent. He has many skills that make him one of the best employees of a secret organization. On his account, many successful operations, and yet he had never faced defeat. Carrying out the next secret mission, Corey met an ordinary saleswoman. The hero fell in love with a charming young girl at first sight and decided to leave his espionage activities for her. Corey enjoyed a quiet life next to a loved one, but, after some time, he realized that he could not live without adrenaline. He decided to return to the agent’s work, and this will change his life forever ...

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