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Judy (2019)
Year, country:
Rupert Goold
Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock
1h 58min
Judy (2019) full movie 2019 online in FilmsCLUB.org

In the winter of 1968, the show business legend Judy Garland arrives in London to spend five weeks in the UK capital and give several concerts to help her improve her financial situation. Almost 30 years have passed after her success in the film “The Wizard of Oz”, and the peak of popularity remained in the distant past, and the actress and singer do not even have their own home where she could leave her three children. Touring in London is her last chance to find financial well-being, but Judy is exhausted and not in the best physical and psychological condition, however she is still able to sing, sparklely joke, attract the attention of the public and is ready for a new love adventure ...

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