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Favorites Amityville Island (2020)

Amityville Island (2020)
Year, country:
Mark Polonia
Danielle Donahue, Jamie Morgan, Jeff Kirkendall
1h 10min
Amityville Island (2020) full movie online in FilmsCLUB.org

Very strange things are constantly happening near the small town of Amityville. Local residents are convinced that they have to live next door to otherworldly forces. This is how they explain mystical incidents. Taking advantage of legends and rumors, scientists set up a clandestine laboratory located on one of the small islands adjacent to the town. There they begin to work on the creation of superhumans with unique qualities and skills. Scientists are confident that they will be able to make a real breakthrough in genetic engineering, and their universal soldiers will be bought by any country, paying huge sums of money. That is why they intend to achieve their goal at all costs, using all possible methods. A girl named Joe falls into their hands, who does not intend to give up and is ready to fight for her life and freedom ...

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