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Dirty Sexy Saint (2019)
Year, country:
Tosca Musk
Jordan Lane Price, David A. Gregory, Luke Guldan
1h 44min
Samantha was raised in a wealthy family. The girl does not like that her parents endlessly take care of her, imposing their own opinion. They believe that they have the right to decide, instead of their daughter, how to build their own destiny, whom to love and with whom to make friends. As a sign of protest, she got a job in one of the Chicago bars to prove to her family that she is capable of adult actions. It so happened that of all the establishments she chose the one owned by the charming Clay. Once he was given the hateful nickname "Saint" for being too kind to homeless animals and desperate people. The man's past was too harsh, so he tries not to maintain relationships with women. His life changed when an amazing runaway appeared in her, tender, quivering, eager for help and support.
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