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Favorites Magical Christmas Shoes (2019)

Magical Christmas Shoes (2019)
Year, country:
Robin Dunne
Erin Karpluk, Damon Runyan, Genelle Williams
1h 27min
Magical Christmas Shoes (2019) stream online in FilmsCLUB.org

Noelle has long been accustomed to the fact that shortly before Christmas her grandmother sends her from Holland another pair of shoes filled with sweets. The woman adores this long-standing Dutch tradition and is sure that one day, thanks to such gifts, the granddaughter will meet her happiness. That year she received a pair of red "pumps" and a letter from her grandmother, in which she told that it was in these shoes that she met her grandfather and fell in love with him. Since then, Grandma Noelle believed that the shoes presented at Christmas had their own magic. When she went shopping for lunch, she didn’t think that her grandmother’s gift from last year could change her life. Wanting to buy her parents sweets as a gift in the store where they met many years ago, the heroine suddenly learns that the “Reed's Sweets” shop will be closed after the holidays ... Can Noel be able to prevent this?

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