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Favorites Grand Isle (2019)

Grand Isle (2019)
Year, country:
Stephen S. Campanelli
Nicolas Cage, KaDee Strickland, Luke Benward
1h 37min
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The events of the film take place in 1988 on the Grand Isle. Single father Buddy is forced to take any job to provide the family with everything they need. One day, a neighbor asks him to repair the fence, to which the hero gladly gives his consent. Despite the approaching hurricane, he gets to work. The wife of a neighbor, not at all embarrassed by her husband, openly flirts with an employee. It soon starts to rain, which disrupts Buddy's plans. He agrees to go into the house for a glass of alcohol. The next morning, his car is stopped by the police. They discovers the corpse of a child in the hero's car. Buddy doesn't know how he got there or who committed the murder. Now he has to remember the events of the unfortunate evening and prove his innocence ...

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