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Ad Astra (2019)
Year, country:
James Gray
Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga
2h 3min
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Various sci-fi films have appeared at the box office about heroes who are going to conquer space in order to find the truth in themselves, but none of them resembles the best themed film by James Gray "To the Stars." This creation is not for fans of Solaris, Gravity and The Martian. The overriding task was to illustrate the relationship between fathers and sons, a moral test of the protagonist's strength. This is a rare story about people, consolidated by one of the best reincarnations of Brad Pitt in his huge and happy film career.

Roy McBride is a legendary man for space, because the number of his heartbeats per minute did not exceed 80. By the way, the team tried to show the scale of the disaster in the form of a powerful heavenly jump that devastates the entire planet. Therefore, not everyone dared to travel throughout the solar system, especially since Clifford, Roy's father, was missing during this flight. The main character goes to Mars hoping to find him and bring him back.

Roy McBride made his way to himself, realizing the growing imperfection of the whole world and his life as he moved away from his home planet. Gray kept the camera on his face for as long as possible throughout the film. For Pitt, this role is one of the most difficult and emotional. This year he also featured in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

We are in an era in which "intellectual fiction" is emerging, focusing more on inner space than outer space, and part of this direction in cinematography are such films as Gravity, Arrival and Interstellar, which have made high profits in rental and brought the main awards to the participants in the process. Neither for the team of the film "To the Stars", nor for the audience, it seems unlikely that the project will collect a large box office. However, the timing will be good for Gray's film. It may happen in the future, but it talks about what will always be relevant in our pursuit of understanding in a world that sometimes gives the impression that we have believed and rely on something that no longer comfort us now. The film by James Gray deeply touches the audience with its ideas in its last scenes, which is impossible to sit indifferently in the cinema. Roy McBride did not come in vain! Viewers come to their senses, and Grey's further directorial career is worth watching and waiting for new works.

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