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Favorites The Tomorrow Man (2019)

The Tomorrow Man (2019)
Year, country:
Noble Jones
John Lithgow, Blythe Danner, Derek Cecil
1h 34min
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An elderly man named Ed is trapped in anxiety disorder: he watches the news on TV every night and realizes that our world is heading for the abyss. He is sure: the end of the world will soon come, and the future of mankind will face a terrible cataclysm. One day he meets in a nearby supermarket Ronnie - a gray-haired lady with a male name. He often sees her there, and finally decides to meet her in the parking lot near the store. They have a casual and sweet conversation, Ed says that it was not just that he approached her. He saw what purchases she usually made: everything only necessary, according to the list. And he sees in her an accomplice - the one with whom it will be possible to prepare together for the apocalypse. Having gone on a couple of dates, a man loses his head: he likes absolutely everything in his chosen one.

Ronnie has experienced two heavy losses in the past: her daughter died due to an incurable disease, her husband took cancer. She tries to move on, and meeting a stranger who tells unusual stories can turn her life around. The man invites her to prepare for change together, shows the bunker built to save him during a catastrophe on a planetary scale. Nobody knows what awaits the two lonely old men next.

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